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Joe Namath Football Camp

This is Joe's "Official" site

Official Jets Website

New York Jets Fan sites

A website of used book sellers from all over the world. You can find rare out of print Joe Namath books here.

Joe Namath memorabilia on eBay

NFL FILMS Special Order Catalog – You can order special VHS tapes of films through a catalog by calling Alyce DeJesus. VOICEMAIL 856-638-6843 FAX 856-638-0139.
NFL films has 23 minute highlight films which include the 1968 AFL championship game, the 1972 Jets / Colts classic where Joe throws 6 TD passes, the 1971 comeback game against the 49ers, and a Joe Namath bio tape. The tapes cost $50 apiece.

NFL Greatest Game – Super Bowl 3

The NFL Greatest game documentary is great, and can be bought at Amazon or e-bay for around $20. You can even rent it at your local video store.

1969 Super Bowl 3 videotape

This is the “Game”, with commercials, the Apollo 8 astronauts leading the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Bob Hope halftime interview. Quality is OK, not great. Cost is $35. There are lots of other tapes on this site as well. You can also go to e-bay and search for Super Bowl 3. Someone is usually selling the game tape there as well. You may get it for a lot less than $35.

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