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Joe Namath, a Cosmic Connection is a tribute to Joe and the Jets. They won Super Bowl 3 on January 12, 1969, my twelfth birthday, a day when we were favorably aligned with the universe. This webzine is my return to that favorable alignment, and my present to Joe on his 60th birthday. Their victory over a "superior" Baltimore Colt team was a victory for all those who ever felt like they never had a chance to make it to the top, but knew they could. By guaranteeing the win, Joe and the Jets saved the AFL, and instigated the merger of the two leagues. Len Dawson and the Chiefs proved it was no fluke a year later when they came to Shea, beat the Jets, went to Oakland, beat the Raiders, and then beat the "superior" Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl 4.

When Johnny Unitas guided the Colts to a come from behind OT victory over the Giants in the 1958 NFL championship, football had come of age. The Jets upset victory over Colts established the Super Bowl as America’s greatest annual sporting event. To this day, Super Bowl 3 remains as the greatest upset in American sports history. Joe and the Jets had that connection with the universe that day, and knew they were going to win the game. They were part of a greater team, and a greater plan, during the time of transition. Anytime anyone needs motivation, they can look upon Super Bowl 3 as a game, and as an idea, that they can do it. The Jets did it!

If you’d like to be a greater part of this webzine, send me your thoughts, or maybe your color pictures. Scan them at 300 DPI for large (5x7 and up) or 600 DPI for anything small, and save it as a jpg medium file. This webzine roughly covers the years 1943, when Joe was born till 1985, when he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. There is much more than football to be seen. Be one with the journey. Make the connection.

I am truly thankful to all the photographers, artists, and writers whose contribution has made this all possible.

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Adrian Horodecky